About Us

It ain’t what we do – it’s the way that we do it

Being able to tap into the skills and experience of others to get the support you need will make all the difference to how successful your business is. But we’re well aware that what we do isn’t necessarily different…but how we do things certainly is.

Creating long term partnerships is at the heart of our service - partnerships that deliver guidance and support at every stage of the people management process…all of which will future proof your business, be that growth, consolidation or sale.

It actually matters to us that our clients and their employees get the best out of each other because, as we know ourselves only too well, the relationship between employer and employee is critical to the business and its success. So, when it comes to helping our clients to build great teams, our 50+ combined years of experience means that we’ve already been there and done it ourselves!

Why you would want to work with us...

  •  We get real results, measuring the impact to demonstrate ROI.
  •  Our 360° approach offers the strategic insight and practical support needed to streamline your HR operations and set you up for greater success.
  •  We are experienced professionals with a rather unusual blend of business skills and are direct, honest and always do what we say we will do.
  •  We like to keep things simple so we use practical and workable methods that you can relate to.
  •  We challenge when we believe that current or proposed practices are not in your best interests.
  •  We are transparent in all that we do - from our initial approach to the costing of projects, to the open and straightforward way in which we communicate.

With KCA, you can use our skills a little or a lot...whatever it takes to let you focus on driving your business forward.

If you want to work with us simply contact us to discuss your requirements or to arrange a free consultation.