Claire House and Children In Need

Claire House and Children In Need

Posted on 19/03/2013 by Jesus Garcia Martin


For those of you who support Claire House and I know from attending events/balls in Chester that there are many of you; I’d thought I would share this email with you.

A. Because I am very proud of my son

B. More importantly because Claire House needs our support throughout the year

C. At Christmas our thoughts are with those families and children who Claire House are supporting right now.

So much we all take for granted, so many Christmas days at home with family, friends and our children, time to remember those who are not so fortunate and just how lucky we are.

Hi Tim & Kirsty,

Please can you pass our personal thanks onto Daniel for his time to present our video for Children In Need.   Hope you saw the video, it was very emotional but I must say the Wild family are the most adorable and inspiring family and just want to raise lots of money for Claire House and help raise our profile.  Finlay, their son will not go anywhere without his Claire House bucket and only brings it in when it’s full.   Since March the family have raise over £30,000.

Here are some amazing facts:-

• Claire House crashed the Children In Need e-donation system; they took double amount of calls all after the first showing at 9.30pm. They also took a record number of donartions since Children In Need began from one video. This is why it was shown again.
• Claire House website had an increase of over 500% of visitors on our website on Friday evening. Saturday had an increase of 1000% and Sunday was over 450%. WOW!!!
• At one point on Friday evening our website couldn’t cope with the amount of donations and people struggled to donate. Weare still counting the donations coming in
• Twitter – we had over 250 mentions on Friday evening. We were trending in Liverpool and London. #RIPElliott was trending worldwide!! We increased our followers from 3,100 to over 3,600 in one night!!

The phones were very busy on Monday and lots of interest in wanting to support us on a long term basis, which is fantastic.

We can’t thank Daniel enough for his support and just thought he would want to see this information.

Hopefully we will meet up again soon.  We have been very short staffed so I have cut back on networking but I will be starting again in the New Year.


Take Care and see you soon.


Abi x