Dismissal Overview

Dismissal Overview

Posted on 19/03/2013 by Phil Hall


Make sure you get the right advice

Dismissal is when you terminate the employment of one of your employees – you don’t always have to give them notice.*

If you’re dismissing an employee you must show they’ve:

There is a valid reason that you can justify
That you acted reasonably in the circumstances
You must also:

be consistent – eg not dismiss them for doing something that you let other employees do
 you have investigated the situation fully before dismissing them – eg if a complaint was made about them
If they are a part-time or fixed-term worker, they can’t be treated less favourably than a full-time or permanent employee.

Notice period

You must give them at least the notice stated in your contract or the statutory minimum notice period, whichever is longer.

*There are some situations where they can be dismissed immediately – eg for violence.

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