Employers Value Emotional Intelligence over high IQ

Employers Value Emotional Intelligence over high IQ

Posted on 19/03/2013 by Phil Hall


According to a survey of UK business leaders most employers would not hire someone with a high IQ but low Emotional Intelligence.

The report, published recently by, claimed that 78% of respondents valued Emotional Intelligence higher than IQ, and more than half would not hire someone with low Emotional Intelligence; even if they had a really high IQ.

So what is Emotional Intelligence? Well, key skills include: being able to empathise with other people; the ability to inspire and motivate others; a willingness to resolve conflicts and the maturity to control feelings and emotions.

“The competitive job market in the UK is allowing businesses to examine candidates’ intangible qualities that could positively benefit the company in the future,” said Tony Roy, President of CareerBuilder EMEA. “Competency and intelligence are important assets for every worker, but when it’s down to two candidates for an open position, strong interpersonal skills will set them apart.”

Emotional intelligence can be the difference between average and exceptional performance,” claimed Lee Coopers in a recent guest blog for “As recruiters are placed under ever-increasing pressure to add value, the ability to identify and recruit exceptional talent, and then to retain that talent in order to deliver exceptional performance will be critical. Therefore, the ability to measure and understand emotional intelligence gives a recruiter a significant edge, and one that should ensure ‘best fit’.”

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