Happy Chinese New Year – Enter the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year – Enter the Dragon

Posted on 19/03/2013 by Phil Hall


If winter comes can spring be far behind? P B Shelly

Hope, new birth, new beginnings, the ‘green shoots’ of recovery, in me the thought of spring engenders optimism, hope and more confidence. This January I feel doubly positive, for now we are in the Year of the Dragon thought by the Chinese to be particularly auspicious. Children born in this year are said to be lucky, wise and successful.

I wonder if the luck and success translates to businesses?

Spring will come around again, the days will lengthen, daffodils will be in abundance and warmth will return to the earth. Not that you could say it has been particularly cold recently and compared with last year it’s been a doddle, this winter is the warmest on record since whenever. Whatever, what we do know is the fuel bills are down and the sun is coming north. This is a month that when working do I am gazing wistfully out of the window dreaming of lying in the sun.

But fare forward, voyagers.” – to all of you in business, working or looking for a job we wish you a Dragon year and every success.

The Year of the Dragon is associated with the earthly branch symbol 辰. This system was built from observations of the orbit of Jupiter (the year star), which takes approximately 12 years to orbit the earth.