Poor Management = Stressed Staff?

Poor Management = Stressed Staff?

Posted on 19/03/2013 by Phil Hall


The biggest single source of stress is incompetent, poorly trained and inappropriately promoted managers.

A study commissioned by HSE and the CIPD identifies the skills line managers need to minimise the risk of stress developing.
So how do YOUR managers measure up?

We evaluate their skills as a manager and deliver a tailored solution to enable them to identify the strengths within their team and develop communication and management strategies that deliver real results…

- “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”  This management mantra, in reality, probably suits around 25% of your staff, but if you want 100%… no problem!
- Traits and behaviours of the most successful managers
- Setting performance measures
- Reviewing staff performance and effective appraisals
- Grow performance through coaching

Unlike one-off training courses, where it is often diffult to see how effective the training has been, our structured coaching programme allows us to make sure that the learning is carried throught to behaviour…

Our training programme is carried out by a qualified trainer who is a LIFO accredited assessor and coach, and who has extensive management experience within a commercial environment.