'A fish rots from the head' - the significance of culture in business

'A fish rots from the head' - the significance of culture in business

Posted on 14/07/2015 by Kirsty Craig


‘A fish rots from the head’ – the significance of culture in business

Culture is powerful. It’s the foundation of any business and influences all functions, but it has its greatest influence on your most important asset – your people.

Culture guides all thoughts, actions and behaviours. It is related to your ethics, etiquette and your organisation’s vision, values, working style, beliefs and habits.

It guides management decision-making and how your people conduct themselves in representing your business. And it will be evident in all your communications including on your website and social media postings.

Most importantly, it will have a direct impact on the morale, happiness, loyalty and pride of those who work for you.

Powerful cultures are embodied by a leader and then taken up with the same passion by their team. And as the culture evolves so too does the business.

But just as the fish is said to rot from the head, the influence of culture can be positive or negative. You only have to look at the scandals from the early 2000s, including Enron and WorldCom, and more recently the exposure of the culture of greed in the global banking system.

When culture is established in conjunction with a leader’s personality, it’s more powerful and empowering and will become the foundations of the organisation.

So as leaders, whether that be at the top of an organisation or as a departmental boss, the culture that you espouse and champion has a vital impact on your people. And therefore your business.


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