'It ain't what you do (it's the way that you do it'

'It ain't what you do (it's the way that you do it'

Posted on 14/07/2015 by Kirsty Craig


“It ain’t what you do (it’s the way that you do it).”

We’re not ashamed to say that we’re old enough to remember these lyrics uttered by Bananarama and Fun Boy Three back in 1982 when they had their massive hit!

They are words that certainly resonate with us because, as recruitment and HR experts, we’re well aware that what we do isn’t different…but how we do things certainly is.

With over 50 years of experience between us, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what works in recruitment and, just as important, what doesn’t. Matching a CV to a job description is the easy bit but placing the right people with the right people, is far more difficult and absolutely essential if the new appointment is to be successful.

So when we’re asked to help fill a vacancy, we like to get up close and personal. We want to find out what makes you and your business tick. We want to get under your skin to understand your vision and values, your culture, aspirations and what you think you need in this person. After all, how can we possibly find the right people for you without this knowledge?

Then it’s down to our intuition and skill to assess their potential…

  •    Will they fit in?
  •    Are their skills and experience what the role needs?
  •    Do they have the right values and attitude?

Only then do we put forward candidates for interview, rarely more than three, and always the very best.

Then once you’ve made your decision and offer, we know that keeping in touch with you and your new employee is vital, and will have a significant influence on how well your new relationship develops.  So thats exactly what we do!

After all, the ultimate objective of recruiting in the first place is to grow your business and your profits. And as Bananarama and The Fun Boy Three said: “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it. And that’s what gets results.” A sentiment that we wholeheartedly endorse.


Kirsty Craig Associates has over 50 combined years of experience in delivering successful recruitment outcomes for its clients. For further information please contact us on 0843 504 4653.



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