Data specialist reduces staff attrition rate by 25 per cent

Data specialist reduces staff attrition rate by 25 per cent

Posted on 4/11/2015 by Kirsty Craig


Service Sector Success Story

We’ve helped a family owned and managed SME operating in the research and data sector to achieve greater staff productivity by significantly reducing its staff attrition rate.

The challenge:

  • Employing 35 people, our client is a highly successful, independent SME specialising in research and data solutions.
  • Family owned and managed, the business was experiencing significant business disruption as the direct result of a high level of staff churn, which at its worst stood at 33 per cent.
  • The senior management were at a loss as to why this was happening and were experiencing difficulty in engaging with and managing their teams.
  • The company turned to us to help them find a solution.

The solution:

  • We undertook a comprehensive audit of HR process and policy, one-to-one meetings with the entire workforce and a ‘High Performing’ workshop with the senior management team.
  • This approach not only helped to engage people across the business but also identified clear areas for improvement.
  • Performance management was devised and implemented along with missing HR policy and practice.
  • Mission, vision and values were defined to clarify the company’s future and defining behaviours.
  • A series of workshops and training sessions engaged with and aligned all staff towards the behaviours required for success, helping to set clear expectations for everyone regardless of their level or role.
  • A coaching programme for senior staff enabled them to test out and assess new behaviours and ensured that training was pulled through to actual performance.

The benefits:

  • Staff attrition has been reduced to six per cent over the eight months since the programme was introduced, leading to a significant reduction in business disruption.
  • Managers at all levels are much more confident in understanding what is required of them, resulting in improved team management and project delivery.
  • Qualitative measures show improvements in managers’ performance and all staff have shown clear signs of much improved self-worth and engagement with the business and its aims.
  • The whole business works more cohesively as a team and productivity has been improved significantly.


Client quote:

"We engaged Kirsty Craig Associates to help us understand why our staff turnover rate had become particularly high and staff satisfaction particularly low; and to help us quickly reverse both trends.I have been very pleased with the outcomes of their work: both key objectives were met (reduction in staff turnover; increase in staff satisfaction). We chose to extend their contract to continue to benefit from management training and the improvement of our HRM systems because we felt that they had the particular expertise needed for our professional environment. We also felt that the improvements made would lead to longer term benefits in staff development and longer-term retention. Cost-effectiveness is difficult to measure precisely, but I’m confident that in our specialized sector, where good staff are hard to find, it has been a very worthwhile investment. Additionally, as the company owner, the benefit of having an expert on board to share the load at a time of difficulty was of huge value to me personally."