“Pour your purse into your head”

“Pour your purse into your head”

Posted on 26/11/2015 by Kirsty Craig


Benjamin Franklin once said: “For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”

And his words ring true with us, from the point of view that we believe business leaders need to invest in themselves if they are to get the best from their people.

However, how many of you actually find yourselves spending all your time working in the business rather than ‘on’ it? How many of you don’t make the time to develop yourself? To improve self-awareness and continually improve your skills through learning?

There’s no doubt that it does take discipline to find the time and invest the effort into self-development, but without it you could be damaging your business and your people more than you may realise. It’s a bit like an old technology – without on-going development you’ll become obsolete!

So what’s to be done?

By engaging with a professional coach or mentor, you’ll be assured of a disciplined approach as you’ll have to put aside time for your own development. You’ll rediscover the reasons you set-up the business in the first place and the passion you felt. You’ll take stock, reflect on your achievements and plan for the future, and all while reviewing where you lack the necessary skills and how to attain them.

And as they won’t be emotionally attached to your business, they will help you to become more objective in what you’re doing, and what needs to be done to meet your future aims - an important factor if your company is to grow and develop.

However, even though self-improvement is essential, the development of effective management and leadership skills is equally vital. Especially when you consider that the performance of your team is a direct reflection of your leadership.

So by looking after yourself you will be looking after your people, and in getting this right you will be able to recruit and retain the best talent.

This is significant because no one individual, however exceptional their leadership, can single-handedly assure the future of the business and you need a talented team around you.

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