“Should I stay or should I go now?”

“Should I stay or should I go now?”

Posted on 21/01/2016 by Kirsty Craig


Many of you will recognise these infamous lyrics from The Clash but may well be wondering what they have to do with recruitment?

Well, according to some interesting recent research from CV Library, employers only have five days in which to impress a new recruit before they decide whether they should stay or go.

The research was conducted amongst a cross section of over 4000 UK employees and found that 41% of new workers decide whether to stay in a new job within the first week. And that rises to 45% for Millennials.

Over 51% admitted that they would leave due to unfriendly working environments and 42% cite lack of opportunity as another reason to depart (there are other reasons but these are the top two).


Well, that depends how you look at it. We’re not in the least surprised about these figures as the recruitment sector is full of cowboys just interested in making a fast buck. And this often involves putting forward as many candidates as possible without any consideration as to their suitability for the role and how they’ll fit in with their new employer and colleagues.

An approach akin to ‘flinging enough mud at the wall and hoping some will stick’!

With over 50 years experience, we know what works well in recruitment and have honed our approach – one that achieves a 94% retention rate.

And we achieve this level of success because we take the time to understand the company and applicant in equal measure. To understand whether they have the necessary skills and personality to cope with their potential new environment. Whether they will fit in and get along with new colleagues. Whether the role offers them the salary they need and will give them the work-life balance they want. And yes whether they can actually do the job!

There are often factors outside our control so we’re not saying that our approach will ensure that your new employee will be with you “‘til the end of time”. But it certainly does remove some of the “tease tease tease” from the equation!

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