Why interviewing face to face is so important

Why interviewing face to face is so important

Posted on 3/08/2016 by Tim Craig


The following is part of an article called CAN YOU MANAGE THE EMOTIONS OF OTHERS?  This particular excerpt encapsulates why interviewing candidates (and clients) face to face is so important

60% of human communications is body language, 30% is your tone, so 90% of what "you say" is non verbal

Notice Behavior. Often we are so involved in the content of the conversation that we fail to notice what is happening. Take notice what is happening with an individual in the moment.

You might ask yourself these questions: “What are they doing with their hands? Is their voice increasing in volume? Are they beginning to turn red?

What’s happening with their eyes? Could their glare melt plate steel? Are they becoming more forceful or direct?”

Pay attention to signals like this so you can manage the dynamics before the conversation goes awry.

Be both a participant and an observer in conversation.

John Stoker

President at DialogueWORKS