Filtering Out Snobbery - CVs

Filtering Out Snobbery - CVs

Posted on 1/02/2017 by Tim Craig


The following is a letter from this weekend’s Financial Times which expresses clearly and concisely something that we have trying to encourage our clients to consider for the past twenty years; it concerns the screening, reviewing and short-listing CVs.

Too many companies as they grow and achieve ‘success’, become set in their ways, sclerotic and recruitment criteria becomes rigid. They look only for people like themselves people with who they feel comfortable.  This excludes so many talented individuals who could bring in fresh ideas shake up challenge and inject a new perspective to the business.


Sir, Your report, “Working-Class professional earn 17% less than their peers. “(January 26) highlights the UK’s social mobility pay gap. Worryingly, this gap opens imm­­­ediately on entering the workforce.  Our research has shown the least-advantaged graduates earn, on average, nearly 10% less than the most advantaged six months after graduating from the same subject.


The solution is complex, but we can start by ensuring equality of employment opportunities. Our firm has introduced name, school and university-blind recruitment and makes use of contextualised data, allowing us to understand the socio-economic circumstances influencing an individual’s academic achievements.


The approach is making an impact. We are recruiting more people who think and innovate differently, come from a variety of backgrounds and bring new perspective and experience into the firm. That is good for our business, our clients and society. I would encourage other businesses to follow suit.


David Sproul

Senior Partner and Chief Executive


London EC4 UK         @DelotteUK @FT


Source Financial Times Saturday 28th February 2017