Don’t be such a ‘know it all’!

Don’t be such a ‘know it all’!

Posted on 14/03/2017 by Rachel Hough


OK, so you had a great business idea and you’ve worked your socks off get it up and running. But now your business is growing and you need to employ people to help you run it, and that means you must manage them. And manage them well.

Some people are natural leaders but most of us are not. So why automatically assume that you and your managers have the right skills to lead and manage your team?

Poor managers will sabotage the efforts of your team and the negativity will quickly spread throughout your business.

  • Team morale will be poor.
  • There will be a high turnover of staff.
  • The team will be unsettled from the constant hiring of new people.
  • Productivity will reduce.

And not to mention the negative impact this will have on your bottom line.

From experience we know that creating strong, open and involved leadership is the key to business success. And this applies to business leaders today as well as the managers of tomorrow.

So if you or your managers don’t have the necessary leadership skills then you’ll need to attain that knowledge. And that’s where we can help.

Clarity7 is our innovative series of training modules, the aim of which is to equip new managers with the necessary skills to manage their people effectively so that they achieve the best possible results for their employer…and themselves. It is also a great refresher for more experienced managers who haven’t necessarily had any previous formal training in how to manage people successfully.

Delivered by our brilliant, creative and qualified trainers who themselves have a wealth of managerial – both people and business - and HR experience, each module requires the investment of just one full day per month. Held at our training centre here in Chester, the full Clarity7 programme runs over a seven-month period to give delegates the opportunity to put into practice what they learn and the opportunity to reflect on achievements at the start of the next session.

Single day course attendance is also available although there is a preferential fee for those signing up to the full programme rather than paying as you go.

New cohort starting dates are released throughout the year.


What our delegates say…

“Rachel is a superb facilitator. The course has enhanced my knowledge of HR considerably and I would recommend to all line managers as a resource for their staff.”

Jane, Healthcare co

“The skills that I have learnt during the Management Training Masterclasses will definitely help me in my job role. I would recommend this course to anybody in a management role.”

Chris, Telecoms co

“This has been the best training I have ever had. I have always wondered who teaches managers and the correct way of dealing with staff and I now know who to recommend. Rachel is a fantastic trainer delivering above and beyond each day.”

Jo, Managed office services


For further information about our leadership and management development services that will inspire and drive your workforce to greater productivity, then contact us for further information. Or click here to download the Clarity7 syllabus.