Our approach to recruitment could save you thousands

Our approach to recruitment could save you thousands

Posted on 31/05/2017 by Kirsty Craig


According to recruitment group Optimize… ‘the average time to fill a vacancy is 68 days and this has increased by 50% in the last five years’.

Just let that sink in for a moment. 68 days. That’s 476 working hours (based on an eight-hour day allowing an hour for lunch!). Just think what else you or your busy HR team could achieve in this time.

This makes especially grim reading if you hire on a regular basis as you’ll be spending most of your time hiring and not concentrating on business or HR issues.

But we all know that a vacant role can cost a company thousands. And added to this is the need to hire the best possible talent for your business, but with strong competition for candidates and pressure on budgets this is a challenge that is only increasing.

With over 50 years of experience between us, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what works in recruitment and, just as importantly, what doesn’t – not least because we are an SME employer too!  By engaging with a professional recruitment company not only will you become more productive (again think of what you could achieve in all those spare hours!), but you’ll also be able to accurately budget for each vacancy.

But it’s fair to say that recently recruitment companies haven’t always been portrayed in a positive light. Notwithstanding the dodgy business practices that some so called professional recruiters employ to fill positions, the lack of focus on the candidate relationship by most recruiters means its just a numbers game for so many of them.

We are acutely different.

We won’t ever chuck a load of CVs at you and hope that one of the candidates will be the right fit. We believe that placing the right people with the right people is the key to a successful appointment. But this approach is in practice far more difficult and time consuming  (which is probably why the majority of recruitment companies don’t do business this way) but absolutely essential.

So when we’re briefed to fill a vacancy, we want to find out what makes you and your business tick. We want to get under your skin, to understand your vision and values, your culture, aspirations and what you think you need in this person and why.

After all, how can we possibly find the right people for you if we don’t know who and what you are?

Then it’s down to our intuition and skill to assess their potential…

  • Will they fit in?
  • Are their skills and experience what the role needs?
  • Do they have the right values and attitude?

Only then do we put forward candidates for interview, rarely more than three, and always the very best.

Then once you’ve made your decision, made the offer and our candidate has accepted, we know that keeping in touch with you and your new employee is vital, and will have a significant influence on how well your new relationship develops. After all, it’s a two way street for you both…

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