Introducing day one of our Clarity7 Masterclasses!

Introducing day one of our Clarity7 Masterclasses!

Posted on 13/09/2017 by Sophie Hughes


Well trained managers = business success!

Our Clarity7 Management Development Programme is an innovative series of development workshops, the aim of which is to equip new managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage their people effectively so that they achieve the best possible results.

If you are new to role OR one of the estimated 30% of Managers who have never received training or development here are some of the benefits that can be achieved with some structured development…

  • Increased productivity
  • Retain your people. ... and in a candidate short market who wouldn’t want to
  • Nurture future leaders. ...
  • Increase employee engagement. ...
  • Implement an effective leadership style. ...
  • Make better decisions.

Day One commences on the 9th October 2017 and focuses on top issues effecting Managers and their development now

What sort of People Manager are you?

… are you a JDI manager, supportive and developmental, a planner or someone who really gets the team on board with innovation and creativity?

Unsurprisingly, your natural behavioural strengths will shape the culture within your team, but what if you can bridge the gaps in your profile and find strategies to engage all the different behaviours and personalities around, as well as recognising if someone else is better placed to do one of your tasks? Would you have a happy, productive and stable team?

You bet you would.

Are you a manager or a leader?

Many people get confused by this and are overwhelmed by the amount of information available on leadership.  The truth is every business needs both.

In which role does your natural strengths place you?

What does your business need right now?

The investment for day one is £460+vat and includes a LIFO behavioural survey and provision of a report for you to take away, which can inform the focus of your future activities.

Contact Rachel on 01244 515546 to book your place.