Training & Development

Training & Development – investment for success

It’s difficult to find the right talent in the first place, so when you’ve got the right people in place why miss the opportunity to enhance their skills and expertise? And in doing so add tremendous value to your business and maximise performance while ensuring you retain your best talent.

Our qualified and experienced training consultants have designed programmes to accelerate knowledge whilst coaching ensures this learning is carried through to behaviour. Courses are in both one-to-one and workshop formats with follow-up reviews for an agreed period after course completion.  Our portfolio includes established programmes and the ability to shape and tailor workshops to meet identified objectives and training needs.

Programmes covered include:

  • Management training  - OUR NEW COHORT STARTS IN MAY 2018!  See page for more information
  • Team building and managing conflict

  • Recruitment training

  • HR basics for SME's

One of the most useful and effective tools we use in all our programmes is the LifO®  method of behavioural profiling. It guides people towards new personal strategies and offers tools that ensure they can perform to their best ability. We also provide mentoring support for SMEs.

Simply contact us to discuss your requirements or take advantage of our free consultation.